Spotlight Weekend: Travis Tritt

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Travis Tritt was born in Georgia. After getting a record deal in 1989, went on to produce 7 albums that were all certified platinum. He has had 40 songs chart with 5 reaching number one. He became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1992.

He was just a kid when developed an interest in singing. His Sunday school choir performed a song in front of the church. When Travis Tritt was 8 years old, he taught himself how to play guitar. It was not long before his classmates noticed that he could sing. In the fourth grade, he performed for his class and soon was singing in front of other classes in the school.

Throughout his high school years, he worked odd jobs in between playing music. He worked at a furniture store, a supermarket and an air conditioning company. His bandmates persuaded him to quit and focus on country music full-time. His dad was skeptical. His mom thought he would find more success singing gospel music. After some time on the road and recording several demos, Travis Tritt was signed to Warner Bros. Records.

Source: Wikipedia