New Orleans Style Prohibition Dance Coming Up

(Photo from Dr. Daylight’s Jazz Company)

Dr. Daylight’s Jazz Company is a jazz band based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. This band plays an early style of jazz reminiscent of the 1920s. The band is throwing a party. It is a prohibition dance held at a secret speakeasy in Downtown Lafayette. This event is a dance party with of course jazz music provided by Dr. Daylight’s Jazz Company. There will be a photo booth provided by A. Dannette Photography and a costume contest. The party will take place on Friday, Oct 4, 2019.

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Jake Spinella and Sarah Robinson are both members of this unique New Orleans-style Lafayette Jazz band. According to Jake Spinella, the band started as an adventure. He and a group of college students were all looking for the same thing, a jazz outlet. Soon other musicians were collected and a jazz band started taking shape. By the summer, Dr. Daylight’s Jazz Company was hitting local club outlets in Lafayette.

Jake and Sarah stopped the studio to tell us more about this time-traveling event. Not only do you get to experience an old-style of music but everyone will be dressed the part as well. So when attending this party, think the 1920s. Jake and Sara are both transplant Louisiana residents.

Jake Spinella plays the piano for the band. He is originally from New Jersey. He studied Jazz in college. He has always been especially interested in the New Orleans-style of jazz music. He moved to the deep south when he was offered a position at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He admits that he did not do his research, and assumed the entire state of Louisiana was culturally similar to New Orleans. He has become quite acquainted with the Acadiana side of Louisiana. He is always on the search for a good Italian restaurant.

Sarah Robinson is a vocalist for the band. She has been singing Jazz for more than a decade. She grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her mother is originally from New Roads. When her mother retired, her mother made the decision to leave the midwest and move back home. Sara followed. Sare also studied jazz music in college and has an affinity for the old sound. Sara believes that she was born during the wrong era. She prefers the early style of music.

Other members of Dr. Daylight’s Jazz Company include Mark St. Cyr on trumpet, Dakota Pique on bass, T’rae Brooks on drums, Jim Price on trombone, Lucas Munce on clarinet, and Will Lewis on guitar.

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