Science: A New and Improved YOU May Be Possible

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you could erase fear from your brain, would you do it?

Coming soon, you may be able to change and improve who you are by a simple brain scan. Scientists in Japan think they may have figured out a way to alter your brain by using a few brain scans combined with artificial intelligence (A.I.) to erase feelings of fear and anxiety from your mind. Thus improving self-confidence. Of course, this method is still in the testing phase and not yet available to the public.

Theses scientists have developed a technique to remove certain fears and alter individual preferences. It seems the human being is more like a machine with parts and data pieces that can be manipulated. These researchers are hoping that one day this technology will be able to help patients who are dealing with PTSD or any other debilitating anxiety disorder.

Now, of course, this technology sounds exciting and fun but what are the side effects. Just think, one day when this science is perfected, you may be able to stop by a clinic, get a brain scan and erase the feeling of craving donuts. Like magic, you wake with an overwhelming desire for broccoli.

In theory, any negative emotion or desire that prevents you from being a working member of society could be erased. But what if they erase the wrong emotion. What if the experiment backfires and instead of removing negative emotions they accidentally erase the happy ones. Or what if once the fear is removed it also changes our personality and we become smiley confident robots.

The study does state that more research and clinical trials will need to be conducted because they have discovered that the technique is not effective with all individuals.

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