Top Cop of the Week: Lt. Casey Ortego

The Service Chevrolet Top Cop of the Week is Lieutenant Casey Ortego of the St. Landry Sheriff Office.

Lt. Ortego has been working for the St. Landry Sheriff Office for seven years. Lt. Ortego was always interested in law enforcement. During Lt. Ortego’s childhood, one his family members was not around because he was in and out of jail. Even as a kid, he knew he never wanted to be on the wrong side of the law. He eventually got a job at a prison. It allowed him to work closely with inmates and he realized that many did not have a great view of cops. This experience inspired him to want to be a servant for the community and to help people stay out of trouble.

According to Lanie Ortego, the person who nominated him, Lt. Ortego is dedicated to serving and protecting St. Landry Parish. He never complains about his job and truly loves his career.

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