Garlic and Onions: A Protection Against Dracula and CANCER

Photo: Pexels

Garlic and onions add a certain something to a recipe. It gives gumbo an extra kick and tastes great when added in a crawfish boil. Spaghetti would not be the same with garlic and onions. I know a teenager who likes to swallow whole raw garlic cloves. She says it is her daily vitamin. I like sauteed onions and garlic. They are cheap and make anything taste better. (Beside breath, it definitely doesn’t make breath better.) But, it turns out that garlic and onions do more than just add flavor. When eating tons of garlic and onions, not only does it protect you from being attacked by a vampire but it also protects you from breast cancer.

According to recent findings, onions and garlic reduce your chance of getting breast cancer by 67 percent. The study was conducted in Puerto Rico. After analyzing data, researchers noticed that in Puerto Rico, the rate of breast cancer was the lowest in the nation. So groups from the University of Buffalo and University Puerto Rico took a more in-depth look to find out why. Scientists discovered that locals use a lot of onions and garlic in their recipes. More than most places. Garlic and onions are both belong to the allium family. Food in the allium family contains certain enzymes that somehow deactivate carcinogens.

The more garlic and onions consumed the lower the chances of getting breast cancer. You are also protected from someone trying to give you an unwarranted kiss.

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