Lundi Gras Bar-A-Thon: A REAL Fun Run

Here’s a way to get Mardi Gras started with a REAL fun run! Lundi Gras Bar-A-Thon is the largest bar-a-thon in Louisiana. It is returning to downtown Lafayette on Monday, February 24, the day before Fat Tuesday. Sign up now at

This is the wildest run you will ever take part in. Be sure to wear a crazy costume. It is Mardi Gras after all. So feel free to wear feathers, beads, hats, masks and face paint. You will definitely want to stand out because prizes will be awarded for the best costume. The crowd decides the winner so bring your loudest friends!!

Photo by hitesh choudhary from Pexels

The run is about 4 miles long and goes through Freetown, just south of the parade route. The starting line is at Cafe 20.3. The race includes 7 different adult hydration stations. Each stop has plenty of free adult drinks. This year, the stops include Geaux Run, Freetown Boom Boom Room, Bulldog, Blue Moon Saloon, and Caffe Cottage. A meal will be served at the end of the race.

Now don’t feel pressure to run the entire race. It is not timed. You can run some of it, all or it or none of it. There will be a party bus following the race. You can jump on the bus at any time.

Register now! The event is limited and the price will increase.

This event supports the nonprofit group TRAIL (Transportation Recreation Alternatives In Louisiana). TRAIL is creating a better community by working with our local government to establish places to run, walk, paddle and bike ride. Find out more about TRAIL and volunteer to help with upcoming events by visiting