Older Phone Users May Need To Upgrade Soon: 3G is Ending

Photo by Thea Ancheta from Pexels

Anyone still using older cell phones operating on a 3G network may soon have to upgrade. According to a report, some carriers have announced that 3G cell service will end in 2022.

Most companies are now using 5G and getting rid of 3G. Eliminating 3G will free up frequencies allowing for faster service in other networks. The faster network will also improve emergency services. But this also means older phones will lose service and the ability to make calls. That’s right. Older phones such as TracFone, flip phone or any older model will not be able to dial 911.

This will most likely affect older citizens who have been reluctant to upgrade. The FCC warns that when 3G is eliminated this could also affect some security systems, tablets, and older medical devices.

Here are the dates that 3G could discontinue service:

T-Mobile: Jan. 1, 2022
AT&T: February 2022
Sprint LTE: June 30, 2022
Verizon: Dec. 31, 2022

If you are not sure if your phone operates on the older 3G network, there is a way to find out. Find your carriers website and enter your phone’s model number. This will tell you if your phone will be affected. Most companies have already started reaching out to its customers.

You can also enter your phones information at this site: https://www.imei.info/