Spotlight Artist: Clay Walker

Mustang 1071 is spotlighting the music of Clay Walker all weekend! Starting Friday at 5:00 pm, Mustang 1071 is playing a double shot of Clay Walker’s music twice and hour. Listen online, download the app, tell Alexa, Google, or stream in your vehicle.

Clay Walker grew up in Vidor, Texas. Clay Walker’s father gifted him a guitar when he was just 9 years old. By the time he was a teen, he starting competing in talent contests. During his early music days, Walker worked the grave yard shift at a local motel. One morning, he stopped at a radio station to drop off a demo cassette of his music. To his dismay, the radio Disc Jockey told him it was against policy to play songs dropped off by local artist. Then to Walker’s surprised, the DJ played his song, saying it was just too good of a song to pass up.

At 19 year old, Clay Walker was a full time musician playing local clubs in the Beaumont area. Soon he landed a record deal with Warner Music and by 1993 he released his first album.

Clay Walker is still recording new music and recently released his 12th studio album.

Source Wikipedia