Top Cop of the Week: Interim Chief Monte Potier

The Service Chevrolet Cadillac Top Cop of the Week is Interim Chief Monte Potier of the Lafayette Police Department.

Interim Chief Potier has served the Lafayette PD since 1993. He says law enforcement is a career that he has always been interested in. As soon as he graduated high school, he attempted to become a cop but couldn’t get a job. So instead, he joined the US Army and was stationed in Germany. Then after 4 years, he returned home and attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. While at school, he landed a job working with campus security. After a few months, Interim Chief Potier was hired by Lafayette PD.

Tell us about a cop that you know! The Service Chevrolet Top Cop of the Week receives a gift certificate to Uncle T’s Oyster Bar and a free car wash.