Ride Bikes Through The Countryside

Photo by Mabel Amber from Pexels

Bike riding is so fun. Although sometimes it is hard to find a safe and fun place to ride.

When my kids were younger I used to force them to ride bicycles with me through the city. And by force I mean beg and plead. Usually, I ended paying them a certain amount of money with a promise of fewer chores. It was worth it. Biking alone can be boring.

The trip was never easy since there is a lack of bike lanes in this city. The venture usually included my kids and I weaving in and out of traffic, dodging vehicles barely making it across the street. The safest street to ride down is Camellia because the sidewalk is so wide. Eventually, we reached our destination, Cajun Sno. The trip totaled about 12 miles. As my son and daughter got older, I had a tougher time convincing them to ride with me. To them, it was torture, and to me, it was a fun adventure. Oh well.

I am pretty sure Lafayette will eventually become a more bike-friendly city but until then, luckily we have events like Bikes, Brews, and Omelettes.

Bikes, Brews and Omelettes Two involves 200 miles of cycling, craft beer, live music and of course a giant omelet. It is okay if you are not an experienced rider, this event is open to everyone. And if you do not have a bike, you can rent a bicycle! You get to cycle down a paved road through the beautiful Acadiana countryside. You can ride for 10 miles or do the 100-mile trek. And after the ride is over, there will music, beer and lots of food.

The first ride is the Bayou Teche Brewing Bike Bash on Saturday, November 2nd. Check-in is just before sunrise.

The Sunday ride is the Omelette Celebration Ride. You get to cycle through Forked Island’s coastal marshes. At the ride’s finish, a group of chefs will prepare an omelet using 5,000 eggs.

Registration is still open! Get some exercise in the sun. Sign up here.

Source: La Trail